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Conservation – Restoration – Sustainability
Daria Parkhomenko

Daria Parkhomenko
Director LABORATORIA Art & Science Space, Moscow

Multimedia in Russia:
from rebuilt to restarts

This paper will address the development in media art in Russia from the early 1990s until
today and present the activities of Laboratoria Art&Science Space, Moscow. While in the 1990s works by the likes of Sergei Shutov and Alexei Shulgin existed outside the realms of the art market, with the further development of the art market by the early 2000s multimedia art in Russia had turned into a global communicator - representing Russian art in the West and bringing Western art to Russia. However, several institutions working with multimedia emerged, but still there are no contacts between them and no ground for expertise, only some individual energy and initiative. One of healthier zones for art now is transdisplinary territory on the borders of art and something second. Laboratoria Art&Science Space was founded in 2008 on the basis of a scientific-research institute to become an environment for the development of the new type of relations between art, science and society, as well as for channeling various forms and kinds of creative energy. Laboratoria's multimedia is an environment where mediaartists and media-scientists can meet, where artwork and scientific discovery are equal, where rational and irrational blend.



Daria Parkhomenko is director of LABORATORIA Art&Science Space, Moscow, Russia. She is a curator specialized in art and science interactions. In 2008 she founded an independent non-profit centre LABORATORIA Art&Science Space focused on establishing a new type of relationship between art, science and society. Daria Parkhomenko created the model of interdisciplinary platforms practices uniting exhibition, discussion and education projects. Daria Parkhomenko studied sociology, history of art, cultural management at Moscow Lomonosov State University and Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences. Parkhomenko participated in various seminars and discussions among them “Syncretic Transcodings 2010”, CIAM, Montreal, Canada, “Art and Technological Sublime”, Centre of Contemporary Culture “Garage”, Moscow, Russia, “Robot Autonomy?”, LABORATORIA, Moscow, Russia and others. She took part in Art&Science Arctic expedition 2010, Cape Farewell project, London, Great Britain.
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